Jewelry is the only thing that completes your outfit/look. Most of the times, the right kind of accessories is the only factor that holds our outfit together. While we girls spend a good amount of money on jewelry and the equal amount of time deciding what to wear with what, do we actually give the same amount of time to caring for it? Most of us don’t and that’s not okay. Hence, we have put together a list of easy tips that you can use to keep your jewelry shining and in perfect condition.

1) When engaging in a physical activity or washing hands, it is necessary to remove all kinds of jewelry as this is one of the main reasons for getting scratches on your jewelry.

2) When you are not using the particular piece of jewelry, please try and put them in plastic bags rather than just leaving them on your dresser or the bathroom counters. putting them in plastic bags will protect your precious pieces from coming in contact with pollution and will avoid it from getting marks on it.

3) Always remember to store your jewelry pieces in a clean, cool and dry place. Leaving jewelry in an unclean or a dusty area can be harmful to the color and the shape of your precious pieces.

4) Keep all your jewelry away from soaps, oils and perfumes, and other harsh chemicals as they can have harmful effects on your jewelry. Although there is oil you can use to clean to clean your jewelry and that is olive oil. 

5) No matter how tired you are after a long night of partying with friends, always remember to take off your jewelry before sleeping. Because when you sleep, you are likely to sleep on your jewelry and this will damage it.

6) While getting ready, always keep in mind to put on your jewelry last after you are done with your make-up and wearing clothes as make-up or hairsprays or perfumes have harsh chemicals in them which can destroy your jewelry.

7) To maintain the shine of your gold jewelry, you must get it polished regularly. Please do not do the mistake of washing it with soap at home as soaps are hash and it will make your precious pieces lose its shine.

8) Girls love to show off that rock on their finger! So make sure to wear your wedding ring outside the house not while doing household chores as doing chores may lead to some kind of damage to the ring.

9) If you buy too much junk or cheap jewelry, you must have noticed that the cheap jewelry pieces tend to lose their shine over time. So when they lose their shine and charm all you have to do is paint over the damaged part with clear nail paint. The clear nail paint will keep it from losing its sparkle.

10) Lastly, you must clean each piece of jewelry when you undress to remove any oils or perspiration.